Reporting and business intelligence is the most important part of running a successful business. We have developed many utilities to generate reports, some create specific reports and some allow users to customize the report.


CanPay Report Generator
Our Canadian Payroll report generator for Microsoft Dynamics GP allows you to generate customized reports for many types of payroll data. Including historical posting and batch reports that could otherwise not be re-generated in GP.
The generator allows you to choose any data to show, or not, and allows custom filtering, and grouping of the results. Data is exported as an Excel spreadsheet.

Budget Report Generator
By combining budget and actual data from multiple Dynamics GP Companies and restricting it based on account segment. We were able to create a powerful budget report generator, enabling managers to see their real-time budget vs actual data.

AR Statement Generator
We created a utility to allow our customer to create rich accounts receivable statements and email them directly to their customers.

Custom Commission Report Generator
Our customer had a very complex Excel sheet that was used to calculate commissions for their employees. Every month they would type in the employees salary and wage information, as well as the sales data, in order to generate amounts they would then enter into Payroll. We were able to create a utility that automated almost every step of this process, bringing several days of work down to only about an hour as well as greatly increasing accuracy.

Payslip, T4, R1 Generator
The payslips generated from Canadian Payroll in Dynamics GP are just plain ugly, and don’t always have all the required information. Then you have to mail or hand them to all your employees. We have created a utility that was integrated into the customers internal website to allow employees to generate their own payslips, T4’s and R1’s on demand. The utility accesses the data from Dynamics GP and creates a PDF for the employee to print or email themselves. This is saving the payroll staff hours of work every pay period and the payslip looks spectacular.